The heritage
of hay cola

In 1996 first Hay Cola was born. Since then, the brand has grown into one of the biggest producers of carbonated drinks in Armenia.

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The birth of first Hay Cola

The history of Hay Cola started when Hovsepyan family decided to produce Armenian soft drinks.


Hay Cola already had more than 50 employees

And considers to be leading producer of soft beverages in Armenia


Hay Cola’s branded car

By that time Hay Cola had the biggest transportation park that distributed products all over Armenia.


Hay Cola had more than 16 flavors

We have had the greatest variety of flavors in soft carbonated drinks and the greatest number of branded refrigerators in Armenia.


Hay Cola’s most famous advertising

The song was so viral that every child knew the words.


Hay Cola received Gold medal at ARMPRODEXPO

It was a start of winnings in numerous exhibitions and events.


Hay Cola organized a charitable concert towards Its 10th anniversary

The philosophy of Hay Cola is all about sharing- we shared our joy with our consumers.


New ergonomic bottle was made

It may occur that minor things were changed but after big research we made it more convenient, stable and fun to pour your favorite drink.


Public Rating Leader

As a result of public opinion survey Hay Cola won in the nomination of “the Best Armenian carbonated drink manufacturing company”.


Hay Cola received ISSO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificate

Becoming certified to ISO 22000 allowed our company to show customers that we have a food safety management system in place. This provides our customer confidence in the product.


Hay Cola’s big rebranding

Times flies, so did Hay Cola. It’s design, producing technology and some flavors have changed, but we are still all about sharing.


Hay Cola is the first to produce canned soft beverages in Armenia

With new product we concord new market and hit new records.